The best rooftop bars with a view in Shanghai

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Shanghai, the bustling metropolis and financial hub of China, is known for its stunning skyline and panoramic views. What better way to soak in the beauty of this city than from a rooftop bar with a view? From sleek and modern to quaint and cozy, Shanghai offers a variety of rooftop bars that cater to every taste and preference. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the best rooftop bars with a view in Shanghai.

1. Bar Rouge

Located on the Bund, Bar Rouge is one of Shanghai’s most iconic rooftop bars. With its stunning views of the Huangpu River and Pudong skyline, this bar offers a glamorous and sophisticated ambiance. The rooftop terrace is adorned with sleek furniture, red lanterns, and a glass dance floor that lights up in vibrant colors. Enjoy innovative cocktails, premium spirits, and a selection of French-inspired dishes as you take in the breathtaking views of Shanghai’s skyline.

2. Flair Rooftop

Situated on the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Flair Rooftop offers unrivaled views of the city and the Huangpu River. This chic and stylish rooftop bar boasts a modern design with a large outdoor terrace and panoramic windows that provide a 360-degree view of Shanghai. Sip on signature cocktails and indulge in Asian-inspired tapas while enjoying the stunning sunset over the city.

3. Char Bar

Located on the top floor of Hotel Indigo, Char Bar offers a cozy and intimate rooftop setting with breathtaking views of the Jing’an Temple and the surrounding cityscape. This rooftop bar features a laid-back, bohemian vibe with comfortable seating, fairy lights, and a live music stage. Enjoy a selection of craft beers, creative cocktails, and delicious bar bites as you watch the city come to life against the backdrop of Shanghai’s iconic landmarks.

4. VUE Bar

Perched on the 32nd floor of the Hyatt on the Bund, VUE Bar is known for its unparalleled views of the Huangpu River, the Bund, and the Lujiazui skyline. This sophisticated rooftop bar features a contemporary design with plush seating, stylish decor, and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a bird’s eye view of the city below. Sip on expertly crafted cocktails, fine wines, and premium spirits while admiring the panoramic views of Shanghai’s glittering skyline.

5. The Nest

Nestled on the rooftop of the popular Bund Soho complex, The Nest is a trendy and vibrant rooftop bar that offers stunning views of the Huangpu River and the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower. This hip and stylish bar features an open-air terrace with a bohemian chic design, colorful murals, and a lively atmosphere. Enjoy a selection of creative cocktails, craft beers, and fusion cuisine as you take in the vibrant energy of Shanghai’s nightlife scene.

6. POP American Brasserie & Bar

Located on the 20th floor of Three on the Bund, POP American Brasserie & Bar offers panoramic views of the Huangpu River and the iconic Bund area. This rooftop bar combines New York-style glamour with Shanghai sophistication, featuring a modern design with retro touches, sleek leather furniture, and a vibrant atmosphere. Indulge in classic American dishes, innovative cocktails, and decadent desserts as you admire the breathtaking views of Shanghai’s skyline.

7. The Roof

Situated on the rooftop of the Waterhouse at South Bund, The Roof offers a laid-back and relaxed rooftop setting with stunning views of the Suzhou Creek and the industrial-chic surroundings. This rooftop bar features a minimalist design with wooden decking, string lights, and a casual ambiance. Enjoy a selection of craft beers, specialty cocktails, and organic wines as you unwind and enjoy the tranquil views of Shanghai’s waterfront.

In conclusion, Shanghai’s rooftop bars offer a unique and unforgettable experience with their stunning views, stylish settings, and vibrant atmospheres. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous night out or a cozy evening with friends, these rooftop bars cater to every taste and preference. Soak in the beauty of Shanghai’s skyline as you sip on cocktails, indulge in delicious cuisine, and enjoy the vibrant energy of the city from above. With so many rooftop bars to choose from, Shanghai truly offers some of the best rooftop bars with a view in the world.

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